Part 2


So the day has come. I thought I start writing, to take my mind of what is going on🙈😂. I am more nervous then ever before. As I don’t know how many fellow nail techs are participating in this competition and none of their entries are being displayed it is very hard to say what the outcome is going to be.

My dear friend said: You are not competing with them, you are competing with yourself. It is so true. And to be fair, in this case I already won. One part of me didn’t even want to enter, so as I did, I’m a winner. 

I learnt new things and my skills improved so much. I think it’s the judgments of others that makes this harder. Will they see the countless hours of work, the sleepless nights, the many failed attempts and my heart and soul I had put in my creations? And am I going to accept their decisions? 

The clock is slowly ticking towards 4pm (UK time) and my doubts and fears are growing by the minute....

——-waiting——waiting——waiting 😂😂😂 will be back after the announcement—-

There were some technical difficulties, so we had to wait an extra 45-50mins before they were able to announce. 

I have to admit, I was doing a bit of gardening and just pressed on my phone when the notification came on to tell me they were live. I was listening to it, but I was trying to avoid my daughter ruining my plants 😂 my future husband to be had to shout that they were saying my name🙈 I came second with the bridal set I thought I have no chance of winning. I couldn’t believe it. They had my full attention after that😂 

As they were going through the list of categories and championships I was fighting with the butterflies in my stomach.

And my name came up again and again...

All of my entries were winners. 2nd places in 3 championships....on my first competition. I was speechless. 

Once I got myself together I was on the phone to one of the greatest people I know, who helped me with knowledge and the greatest friendship. She was the one pushing me to do more and give more. Barbara Kovacs-Preil. I cannot be thankful enough to her. And my tears just started falling. I was so happy and still am. The endless nights and all the hard work I have had in this, paid off. And then my other greatest friend called, who is the reason I’m starting to be somebody. Without her hard work I wouldn’t have products to create beautiful nails with. Le Noir has taken me and kept me for over 2 years now. They have my heart and loyalty. The owner, Bea has the greatest heart. The amount of support she has given me over the years, I cannot...I just cannot be grateful enough. 

I wanted to be someone she can be proud of. To prove to her, I have the right to be in the team, even she has never asked anything like this from me. I think I feel like she is my mother and I need to bring home good grades to make her’s funny isn’t it? 😂 

It was the greatest experience of my nail career so far. I hope to receive my score sheets soon and I can see what I will need to improve on. This was my first, but definitely not the last competition for sure. 

Finally I can start working on my other plan and start recording my online nail art courses. Hope they will be as successful as this championship was. 

It gave me everything I needed. Brought me back to life and gave me hope. I’ve never felt more alive. 

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